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Articolo pubblicato nel fascicolo di Ottobre 2023 di Carta & Cartiere IMPIANTI E MACCHINARI


ACE, the Legnano-based company leader in the construction of electrostatic systems and dedusting plants, lands in Lucca and inaugurates ACE Tissue Technologies, the division of the group dedicated to the design and construction of dedusting plants, and more, for the tissue industry.

di: ACE

The growing requests for ACE systems from machine manufacturers and leading tissue producing groups was the motivation that led the ACE Group to make this decision and to be present in the historical area of this sector. In the operational headquarters in Pescia, a technical office will be immediately active, within which there will be figures with proven and many years of experience in the sector. At the beginning of 2024, the production and assembly of the systems will also start at the same site.

ACE TT will be structured to give its customers a 360° service, starting from the supervision of the lines, study and design for the assembly of the dedusting systems, installation (also thanks to the partnership with a well-known local company) and worldwide after-sales assistance.

In the tissue sector the need to eliminate the dust that is released from the paper during processing is ever greater; ACE TT in this regard is able to supply customized systems for PM, rewinders, converting lines, interfolders, machines for the production of napkins and handkerchiefs.

Filtering unit.

ACE dedusting plants act directly on the paper, are easy to use, versatile and with the possibility of modular expansion even after their installation. They are practically maintenance-free and the return on investment is extremely rapid if we consider the advantages that their use entails: drastic reduction of machine stops for the line cleaning; significant reduction in the risk of fire on the line and damage due to the accumulation of dust in the mechanical parts; finished product of higher purity and printed with better quality; healthier working environment.

The “patented” MEA-X technology, which is based on the combined action of aerodynamic flows and ATEX antistatic devices, guarantees levels of safety in the control of electrostatic charges and superior dust removal performance (even over 60%) compared to traditional suction systems.

In addition to the antistatic devices installed on the dedusting heads/hoods, another ATEX system (Clear Tube) is installed in line with the dust transport piping towards the filter, in order to eliminate all the electrostatic charges that are created in this phase.

“We are pleased to have started this new project. The tissue sector for the ACE group had by now become one of the main core businesses and required targeted strategic choices. We expect a growing trend in the demand for these systems, as well as new challenges to meet the increasingly demanding technical requirements of a highly technological sector” – says Daniele Barbui, Ceo of ACE TT.