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Articolo pubblicato nel fascicolo di Ottobre 2023 di Carta & Cartiere SUSTAINABILITY


In 2023, Amotek started to collect the carbon footprint impact of its systems and facilities with the goal of reducing it in the next five years. The company set a milestone for taking over further environmental responsibility: saving 55 tons of CO2 each year.

di: AMOTEK Srl

The control and improvement of Amotek machines’ energy performances and the development of new sealing methods for eco-friendly packaging materials guarantee an ethical and sustainable packaging process. The new solar panel system of one of the company’s buildings covers a roof of approximately 850 square meters.

With a capability of up to 100 kilowatts per hour, it will cover the whole energy needed for daily activities. The possibility of a constant remote check enables an insight into the system’s performance and potential maintenance cases in real-time.

The installation of several plugs in the parking area enables employees to recharge their electric cars. For years, Amotek’s research and development efforts have focused on respect for the environment, especially regarding the design of packaging machines. Eco-friendly packaging conversion is possible on Amotek baggers and complete Amotek packaging systems.

This flexibility grants a big advantage for the customer. How? It allows replacing a multitude of PE materials with green materials without applying any consistent modification to the existing equipment. Amotek reached consistent material savings in bag thickness to offer its partners eco-friendly materials and reduce packing material by up to 30 percent compared to the standard of use worldwide.

Amotek’s efforts for energy and consumption saving on the machinery showed success: the company obtained effective results by using servomotors that allow the saving and reuse of accrued energy during braking and stopping phases, generating about 85% of the movement. The aim to reduce air consumption was realistically obtained.

The pneumatic system has been re-designed, allowing a reduction in pressure with relevant air savings compared to standard machines. The goal of Amotek is to become a sustainable company that meets the green packaging philosophy and challenges of the future. ❙ Top view of AMOTEK premises.

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