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Articolo pubblicato nel fascicolo di Novembre / Dicembre 2023 di Carta & Cartiere TISSUE HANDLING AND CONVEYING


Drenik ND Group, the leading group in Southeast Europe for the production of tissue paper, has chosen Pulsar Engineering - an Italian company specialized in engineering and manufacturing of handling and conveying solutions in tissue - to build a new plant in Belgrade.

di: Pulsar Engineering

Investing in cutting-edge technology for enhanced efficiency and quality. This was the idea behind the ambitious new plant project of Drenik ND, a leading Balkan company for the production of toilet paper and kitchen towels under the Perfex Cotton, Deluxe and Pure brands in the fast-growing market of Southeast Europe.

With a bold, future-oriented vision and a pioneering commitment to continuous improvement, Drenik has chosen to invest in the construction of a new state-ofthe- art plant in Belgrade. An ambitious project that would enable the Serbian company to take a leap towards a more efficient and sustainable future, underscoring its dedication to delivering high-quality products, while embracing the best technologies and processes.

To bring this innovative project to life, Drenik ND has chosen to rely on the expertise of Pulsar Engineering, thanks to its high-experience in tissue industry, along with its cutting-edge technology for process optimization and quality control, as evidenced by numerous patents acquired over more than 35 years of history.

These achievements have led the Italian company to be recognized as a trusted partner by leading tissue producers all over the world, from the engineering activities to the supply of complete turnkey plants. The project started from a collaborative engineering study: starting by listening to the customer’s needs, the Pulsar’s team has defined a layout for two new complete converting lines double legs that would guarantee maximum production efficiency by choosing the best converting technology.

An engineering activity aimed at the realization of a disruptive project, realized itself through a unique technology in the tissue industry: thanks to the PLS (Plant Layout Simulator) – a software made by Pulsar Engineering’s high-qualified team – it was possible to simulate the production capacity of the line before its actual implementation, comparing all the possible solutions to achieve an optimal outcome in terms of efficiency, sustainability and scalability.

The converting lines have been specially designed to ensure the best organization of the floor space, through a layout developed not only horizontally, but also organized on vertical levels, reducing the space occupation of the floor and creating free and safe passages for the operators to cross the plant. Investing in future and, most importantly, in quality: the project involved the implementation of an advanced quality inspection system that enables the 100% control of products quality, without operator involvement and without stopping production.

The Pulsar Engineering’s Quatis System will provide Drenik ND with a significant competitive advantage, ensuring that only high-quality products reach customers, detecting and eliminating any non-conformities from the line, in real time. Finally, to better qualify the actual working conditions of the entire production line and process the most significant parameters for calculating the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), the company has chosen to invest also on the patented REDS System Harmonizer, avoiding potential bottlenecks on both upstream and downstream machines and ensuring a general optimization of the entire production process.

This ambitious project reflects the Drenik Group’s commitment to focus on innovation and quality, investing in its future to meet customer’s expectation and requirements: the project has been studied in details, in collaboration with a partner, Pulsar Engineering, that have made engineering in tissue sector its flagship. The new plant will expand Drenik ND’s current production, guaranteeing efficiency, sustainability, reliability and scalability, with a constant focus on the 100% quality. “We are really proud of this project, characterized from the beginning by dialogue and constant collaboration to ensure a result that meets customer’s needs – says Mr. Mauro Pirovano, Sales Director of Pulsar Engineering. We wishes to thank the ownership of Drenik ND for the trust granted. Also, we would like to thank the company Impex Continental and Mr. Marcello Leoni, the coordinator of the project, for having chosen Pulsar as a partner for this challenging and exciting opportunity”.

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