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Articolo pubblicato nel fascicolo di Ottobre 2023 di Carta & Cartiere TISSUE PACKAGING


STAX Technologies is part of the BW Converting Solutions platform, which brings together 6 leading companies in the tissue industry - Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), Baldwin Technology Co., Winkler+Dünnebier (W+D), Hudson-Sharp, Northern Engraving and Machine and STAX Technologies. This powerful network represents a global force in providing solutions for packaging and conversion of paper and hygiene products.

di: STAX Technologies

The key advantage of this partnership is the creation of a global support network that reaches all parts of the world. Through the BW Converting Solutions corporate system, STAX Technologies is enabled to provide regional sales and service support, even to the most distant destinations.

The global presence provides the customers with immediate access to its expert team, enabling a rapid response to their requirements and difficulties in production. STAX Technologies’ reputation on the world market confirms its commitment to high quality standards and exceptional service. With clients on all continents, is recognized as a reliable partner that always finds innovative solutions for every challenge.

The production portfolio is based on designing and production of the complete packaging systems, including wrappers, bundlers and case packers both for the toilet and kitchen rolls and for the folded products (napkins, tissues, facials) and at the end of the whole process – palletizing systems.

Conveying systems and devices – for better optimization of the entire process.

In order to be capable of completing the whole projects and offering the clients turn-key solutions, they produce conveying systems and devices which are necessary to optimize a complex packaging process. STAX Technologies is focused on partnership with clients in order to find the best solutions for their specific needs. Together with clients, they develop new concepts and solutions that improve their products and processes.

A key aspect of its offer is the ability to provide turn-key solutions for the clients. The team of experts provides technical support throughout the project, including machine customization, installation, staff training and machine servicing. Its reputation as a reliable partner is based on the commitment to meet the specific needs of each client.

STAX Technologies strives for longterm partnerships with its clients. The company believes that the key to success lies in listening carefully to their needs and providing continuous support throughout the entire working cycle of the machines. Their services do not stop after installation, as they provide support in all phases of machine operation, from regular maintenance to the improvement and modernization of existing systems.

Palletizing systems – the end of the whole process.

The company is known for its involvement in research and development of new technologies. The team of experts is constantly exploring opportunities to improve machines and systems to meet the demands of a fast-paced and dynamic market. Its commitment to innovation enables the company to anticipate future needs and provide advanced solutions that bring competitive advantages to the customers.

Caring for the environment is also one of its most important values. They consider environmental aspects in the design of the machines, in order to reduce the consumption of energy, resources and the production of waste. The technologies for environmental impact reduction enable their customers to achieve sustainability and responsibility towards the environment.

STAX Technologies is known for the exceptional quality and durability of its machines. The commitment to providing superior products and solutions, with the application of the latest technologies, allows the company to set standards in the tissue industry. The global network of service teams enables them to respond quickly to customer requests worldwide. Their technicians are trained experts with extensive experience, ready to provide support at any time

Transforming vision into reality: full capacity of the production.