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Carta & Cartiere
the Italian magazine dedicated to the paper industry sector

Carta & Cartiere is the Italian magazine dedicated to the paper industry sector. The magazine is sent free of charge to all Italian paper mill technicians and managers. Besides, the magazine is also distributed to the Italian tissue converters.

The main “strengths” of the magazine is the distribution which is very qualified and capillary. The database of the magazine is regularly updated; the Advertiser Companies of the magazine have the guaranty to get the maximum visibility in the Italian paper industry sector.

Carta & Cartiere magazine is the official magazine of MIAC, the International Paper Industry Exhibition which is organised for the up-dating of paper mill and converting technicians and managers (MIAC 2017 – 11/12/13 October 2017 – Lucca / Italy).
Thanks to the experience gained from 28 years of publications and to the organisation of MIAC, Carta & Cartiere is at present the best distributed magazine on the Italian market (the names of all Visitors who attended the MIAC Exhibition in the past years have been included, if missing, in the free distribution of the magazine). The Carta & Cartiere database is regularly and always up-to-dated.

Carta & Cartiere magazine can be read also online (4.622 registered users on the website).

The Magazine: Facts and Figures


5.080 copies
(9.080 copies in October)


6 issues per year


Italian Paper Mills
and Tissue Converters


Regional Circulation

NORTHemilia romagna206


  • Technical and Commercial articles
  • Paper sector news
  • Market trends
  • Interviews / Technical report

Editorial calendar 2017

Number. 1 JAN/FEB

  • Tissue
  • Energy

Special issue dedicated to machinery and equipments for the
production and converting of Tissue Paper. Special issue dedicated
to Energy in Paper Mill (technology, solution, etc.).

Number. 2 MAR/APR

  • Technology
  • Environmental

Focus on the new technologies and machinery available in the paper industry sector. Special issue dedicated to the environmental issues in Paper Mills.

Number. 3 MAY/JUN

  • Chemicals
  • Equipment

Special issue dedicated to Chemicals used in the paper industry sector (Paper Mills and Tissue Converters). Special issue dedicated to Equipments used for the production of paper and paperboard.

Number. 4 SEP

  • Automation
  • Logistics
  • MIAC 2017 Preview

Special issue dedicated to Automation in the Paper Mills. Special issue dedicated to Logistics in Paper Mills (handling, warehouse, transport, etc.). Special “MIAC 2017 Preview”.

Number. 5 OCT

  • Special MIAC 2017
  • Technology
  • Machinery
  • Equipments

Carta & Cartiere is the Official magazine of MIAC Exhibition (Lucca - Italy - 11.12.13 October 2017). Beside the usual distribution on the Italian market, each Visitor of MIAC 2017 will receive a copy of the magazine directly at the Reception of the Exhibition.
SPECIAL DISTRIBUTION MIAC 2017: 9.080 copies in total!!!

Number. 6 NOV/DEC

  • Tissue
  • MIAC 2017 Reportage
  • Suppliers

Special issue dedicated to the Suppliers of machinery and converting of paper and paperboard. Reportage on MIAC 2016 and the Conferences.

Advertising: Size and Format

Formats accepted are in PDF and JPEG (300 dpi – high resolution)Bleed: 3 millimeters in each side.

First Cover

First Cover

UNI page A4

UNI page A4



1/2 page

1/2 page

1/2 page vertical

1/2 page vertical

1/4 page

1/4 page

Interested in promoting your company to the paper industry sector?
Carta & Cartiere is the right way to promote your Company and products, since 28 years!

Advertisement contact: Laura Lupi
tel. +39 02.21711614 - e-mail: -

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