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Article published on the October 2023 issue of Carta & Cartiere TECHNOLOGY IN PAPER MILL


Pulsar Engineering’s new solutions to be presented at MIAC 2023.

by: Pulsar Engineering Srl

Pulsar Engineering will participate in the 2023 edition of MIAC, the International Exhibition of Paper Industry that will be held in Lucca (Italy) from October 11 to 13. The exhibition is a reference event in the industry that brings together professionals and companies from all over the world to share the latest innovations, trends and main solutions in the tissue industry.

An unmissable event for Pulsar Engineering, that, in its 35 years of activity has gained a specific knowhow in the tissue industry. Located in the heart of the Italian Packaging Valley, with a second branch in the United States of America, the company provides a wide range of services and products from the engineering and optimization of layouts, to preventive analysis of the operation of the lines, from quality control systems to highly flexible primary and secondary packaging solutions based on robotized systems.

The company, as it can be seen on its website, has installed numerous turnkey plants for the main tissue producers worldwide and is able to provide solutions to upgrade existing plants and to design entire production lines, identifying the best solutions to increase the efficiency of production processes in terms of effectiveness, reliability and sustainability.

Aware of the fast evolution and the challenges that characterize the tissue industry, Pulsar Engineering has always invested in Research & Development, with a proactive attitude towards technological updating and innovation. With this in mind, the participation at MIAC 2023 (Booth 120) is an opportunity to share the latest Made in Pulsar innovations with customers, prospects and experts.

ANTARES: a new paradigm for the packaging in the tissue industry

During the MIAC, Pulsar Engineering will present its latest solution for primary and secondary packaging: ANTARES. With ANTARES, the company has introduced in the world of tissue product packaging a new concept based on robotic and modular systems that makes possible automated solutions of packaging processes, with features and performance not achievable with conventional systems.

ANTARES guarantees high flexibility and adaptability to the formats required, reducing and almost eliminating the time for format change-over: this applies both to the product type to be grouped and packaged, and to the configuration of the output patterns and even the type of packaging, with the possibility of using on the same system flexible films, pre-formed or to-be-formed bags, in plastic or paper, or cardboard boxes, even simultaneously.

ANTARES is a new concept based on robotic and modular systems that makes possible automation solutions of packaging processes.

Thanks to the implementation of robotic technology, it is possible to benefit from significant increases in machine availability: the transition from traditional – mainly mechanical – technology to the use of robotic systems makes it possible to minimize downtime and improve the overall efficiency of the packaging process.

One of the most relevant innovations of ANTARES is the possibility of making asymmetric bundles – nesting in continuity – with an optimization of the arrangement of pallet layers, ensuring greater stability and adaptability to the needs of automated warehouses.

The implementation of the system made by Pulsar Engineering can help to reduce the overall footprint of the palletizing area, which results in a more efficient use of the space, as well as significant optimization of the investment required for the packaging process. Moreover, the system ensures quality control during all the process phases, thanks to an advanced technology that allows accurate and constant monitoring of the packaging operations.

QUATIS: quality inspection machine for tissue

MIAC will also be an opportunity to highlight some of Pulsar Engineering’s other solutions for the tissue industry: visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the quality inspection system for packed and unpacked products. It is a unique system to ensure the 100% quality of tissue products in real-time and without the involvement of an operator.

The system monitors and checks the product compliance directly on the conveying systems, with the possibility of ejecting noncompliant ones, thus assuring that the products intended for sale meet the requirements set and increasing the quality perceived by the end-users. All Quatis systems are standalone machines, allowing the implementation either in new or in an existing converting line.

QUATIS Quality Inspection machine for tissue: it’s a unique system to ensure the 100% quality of tissue products in real-time and without the involvement of an operator. The system monitors and checks the product compliance directly on the conveying systems, with the possibility of ejecting non-compliant ones.

The Quatis family includes today various models: Quatis for Rolls that carries out checks on unwrapped toilet or kitchen towel rolls, such as non-compliant diameter or length, deformed core, dirty roll and more; Quatis for Boxes that checks, for example, non-compliant sealings, incorrect orientation of the roll in the package, non-compliant logo centering or other non-conformities; and finally the two most compact models in the Quatis range, the Vision and the Pocket, that allow to check both packed and unpacked products of any type and that thanks to their small size can be used to verify, even temporarily, the conformity of a new product and can be used on existing lines.

In addition to conformity checks, the Quatis System provides various statistical analyses by using IoT technology to determine the frequency and causes of non-conformities, which are essential to control the quality of the production process. The presence of a machine from the Quatis family on the booth 120 at MIAC will allow visitors to explore the potential and benefits that such an innovative system can offer.

A sustainable approach

The MIAC – International Paper Industry Exhibition – will also be an opportunity for companies to think about the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability, a not only ethical requirement, but also an important element of differentiation in the market.

“Nowadays the tissue industry is facing a lot of challenges and various opportunities: constant updating is very important, especially about efficiency sustainability – explains Mr. Massimo Franzaroli, President of Pulsar Engineering. In Pulsar we think that sustainability should be addressed in a holistic way, from a process perspective in which each element, each choice, each solution can provide its contribution, or, if not correct, decrease the effectiveness of the entire system. With our systems, we want to contribute to the sustainability of our customer’s processes by offering solutions conceived with focus on the efficacy of the operation, efficiency of the process, as well as operator’s safety. Becoming aware about new challenges and addressing them with innovative solutions: this is our approach that we want to highlight during the exhibition”.

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